Design & content of the young captain program

Change in responsibility

In the Young Captain Program, the emphasis is on the change in responsibility, which you will go through the moment that you become a director. So, it is no longer about the managerial final responsibility that you had up till then for a section or a professional area within the organisation.


You have to be aware of the broader role that your organisation plays with respect to many stakeholders in the outside world. And the expectations that the outside world has of you or even imposes on you. But also developments and trends in social, political and economic fields demand your attention, nationally and internationally.


You are responsible for the current and future 'performance' of the entire organisation and hence for the 'alignment' of all elements in the organisation.


It is important you, together with your fellow directors, know how to give shape to the right decision-making processes and how to justify them. To do this you need to have an understanding of 'boardroom dynamics'.


hYou have to deal with yourself as a person with your own character traits, vulnerability, peculiarities and energy balance. The big challenge in a directorial role is whether you know how to maintain your sincerity as a person, and with it your independent perspective on administrative issues.