Young Captain Program

A dive into the skills necessary for a future Boardroom position - exclusively for candidates of the Young Captain Award

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Young Captain Program

For whom?

Young Captain Award Candidates

This two-day program is offered to all the candidates who are nominated by their companies for the Young Captain Award. These candidates are selected because of their potential to play a role at the highest level in their company. The program offers a unique overview of the necessary skills and supports these candidates on their way to 'boardroom readiness'.

By whom?

Stichting Young Captain Nederland

The program is offered by the Young Captain Netherlands in cooperation with a number of expert partners. With the aid of those partners, the participants will be taken on a two-day guided tour of the world of the boardroom and prepared for possible responsibilities at that level in the future.
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What will you get out of it as a participating candidate?

  • This programme is a good preparation for a further step in your career, and will show you, under the leadership of expert professionals and experienced directors, what is expected of you in the role of a director.
  • You will broaden your view of administrative issues and with it, your own future development.
  • In interaction with fellow participants you will look beyond the borders of the issues in your own industry.
  • You are going to be part of a network of (future) leaders of The Netherlands.

What does your company get out of it?

  • It is an investment in your current and future role in the organisation.
  • The program broadens not only your understanding of governance issues, but also your employability in executive roles.
  • It broadens your network and thus the visibility of your organisation.


All candidates that were nominated for the Award 2023 gathered for a two-day program, which provides both a solid insight into and experience of the dynamics of the boardroom.


Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Allen & Overy
Boston Consulting Group
Spencer Stuart

Network Partners

Dutch Transformation Forum