The award: a unique year-long programe

The Award gives an enormous boost to your personal and business growth! The Young Captains are unanimous about that. The winners have learned that you soon build up an interesting new business network. Business life was definitely enriched and changed dramatically after winning this prize.

Encouragement and access makes the Young Captain Award a unique concept.

A unique, year-long programme that will broaden your career and put you in the fast track. The Young Captain opens many doors, and that at a relatively early stage in one's career

The year-long programme is set out in broad outline. The Young Captain determines the content and timing of the various parts of it in consultation with the Foundation itself.

2023 Young Captain Award nominees

2023 Young Captain Award nominees

Winner of the Young Captain Award programme for the year

  • Participation as a special guest in a trade mission of the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade. The choice will be made by mutual agreement.
  • Participation in the New Board Programme of Nyenrode Business University.
  • Publicity in the media of the Telegraaf Media Group in the form of journalistic attention and your own column in the Telegraaf online.
  • Opening trading on the stock exchange by sounding the gong at NYSE Euronext on Beursplein 5, Amsterdam, the day after the presentation of the Award.
  • Guests at the prestigious annual conference of KPMG/Unisys in Saint Paul de Vence.
  • Guest lecture about business leadership for MBA students at the Johan Cruyff Institute and member of the Dragons' Den as assessor of graduation projects.
  • Introductions at network meetings of leading business people.
  • Member of the Young Captain Award Jury for the next election.
  • Member of the Young Captain Award Alumni network.
  • Individual meetings with and within the network of the partners of the initiative.

Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

The Young Captain Award Ceremony will take place at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.

The winged sandals of Hermes

The winged sandals of Hermes Chris Tap

A powerful sculpture by Chris Tap

The winner will receive 'De gevleugelde sandaal van Hermes' ['The Winged Sandal of Hermes'] as a symbol of his ambition. The sculpture was created by the Amsterdam sculptor, Chris Tap. This sandal is the icon of someone soaring to great heights. Tap has shaped the foot and the wing with the utmost precision. The foot emanates great power

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