Stichting Young Captain Nederland

The Stichting Young Captain Nederland

The Young Captain Award and the Young Captain Program are initiatives of Stichting Young Captain Nederland. The aim of the foundation is to bring talented young leaders who promise to be the next generation of business managers to the attention of the public at large, and to offer them space and opportunities to develop themselves to the maximum.

Young CAptain Award
Young Captain Program

The Foundation has taken this initiative as Dutch business at large is always in need of ambitious, future-oriented young people. Innovators having the courage and strength to explore uncharted territory. With the Young Captain Award and the Young Captain Program, a two days knowlegde and personal leadership development program, the Foundation aims to create a culture in which this talent is seen and appreciated. The young business leaders, men and women alike, show that they represent the promise of the next generation of captains of industry to be an example and inspiration for others. In 2004 the inititiave was laid and has been secured eversince within the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Meanwhile a number of leading Dutch organisations and businesses is sponsor and content partner since numerous years.

In 2005 the first edition of the Award initiative has taken place and since then every year. Participating in the Award and therefore also the Young Captain Program is like a yourney of several months. A yourney which is experienced by the participants/candidates as e personal leadership experience accelerator. They consider it as a big and unique present to oneself in growing maturyity as a person and as a leader as well as for their company.


Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Spencer Stuart
Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Allen & Overy
Bostom Consulting Group

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